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Godeland has embraced the challenge of offering its customers quality merchandise with exceptional flavour. Not only the standard range but also a wide selection of new varieties, traditional products and historic specialities are supplied and always with great attention to detail.

Only premium produce that meets the most demanding standards is allowed to leave the fields as Godeland fruit and vegetables. Producers are constantly working to improve the quality of their products even more. Every Godeland carton and crate contains the number of the producer in whose fields the vegetables were grown. With this number the vegetable?s route can be retraced back to the field.

Harvest prognosis
Not even Godeland can influence the weather. But Godeland is able to say what effect it has on the harvest. Extensive analyses provide an opportunity to forecast harvest yields early on, which means customers can respond to what is available. Without long waiting times these delicate products are delivered to the trade and fresh to the consumer.

Godeland is QS and IFS-certifed, producers are Globalgap and QS-certifed.